Top 5 Foods that Good to be Consumed During Your Pregnancy

Top 5 Foods that Good to be Consumed During Your Pregnancy
Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The one time when women really care on what goes in their belly, during their pregnancy. Choosing healthy foods to consume whether as snacks or as the main food menu selection are becoming never ending cautious moment which I do believe despite of the happiness for looking forward to meet the little one, that period is tiring. To consider which one is good and which one is bad during the 9 months period pregnancy is also a learning process, to finally able to know which one is good for our body, for the baby, which one is better to avoid for the baby to be growth healthily.

To help you to get through that tiring process, let me share you lists of healthy food menu that you can snacking during the in between meal time or even as a menu selection on your meal time which is also superfood

The number one healthy food is orange juice.

Yeah not really need to mention on its high Vitamin C, but it also has folic acid and potassium to help lower high blood pressure, a particular danger during pregnancy

Next menu is broccoli

Widely known as a good source of calcium, this beautiful green veggie is also packed with vitamin C, folate and vitamin B6

Lentils for the other day

Highly contain fiber, which can help prevent constipation and subsequent hemorrhoids. This one is also rich on iron, protein and great source of folate

Figs for dessert?

Consume it fresh or dried, this food has more fiber that any typical fruit or vegetable, plenty of calcium and iron, even said to be having more potassium than banana

Last but not least, Yogurt!

Another round of dessert or just a light breakfast or food in between lunch time and dinner? The health benefits of yogurt is not to be questioned about right? Just make sure to choose the right one brand! YUMMY Greek Yogurt can be your choice to have a light breakfast for mom and the baby inside the belly!
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